Surfing the internet and guess what I saw? PUSH PRESENT has become a trend.. So Tonto dike got a $6million diamond accessories from her hubby as her push present now every woman wants same.

This is my take on this trend
First I guess I need to define that for clarity purpose.. This means a husband getting a gift for his wife after she gives birth..its a way husbands thank their wives for all they went through(morning sickness,vomitting,pains)etc
it has become more popular than ever.. its funny how we come up with things that will leave us comparing and struggling to meet up like the baby moon,baby shower, bridal shower,hen night etc kilode(oyibo style)..A friend actually told me that its not a new thing,that push present has always been am like is it the name or is it the way ladies flaunt and share stories,pictures of there push present on social media that is making it a trend now..please take me back to the olden days when the focus was more on good upbringing not following trend..ladies let us focus on things that really matter..we should stop being slave to unnecessary trend..
I am not saying it is wrong for a husband to get his wife a gift after delivery but then it mustn’t be a diamond,it might be something smaller,appreciate it and if he is not up to it at the moment,don’t worry your pretty head,let the man be..(good things no dey finish)!! You might get it when you have your next baby or he might give you a huge present on another occasion maybe your anniversary or birthday..
What is your take on the PUSH PRESENT?

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