..so for my birthday today,am giving you a trip down memory lane!!

Nigerian parents know how to instill fear in these children
Growing up,We were told not to collect money or anything eatable from anybody, unless our parent approve it, even from friends in school or at home. Why? They say u might be initiated into witchcraft and that scared us, from begging food or snacks from our friends.

Whistling at night attracts snakes,that was my grandma favorite line,so what if I was living in banana island? Where will the snake come from??

Fruits growing out of your head,if u mistakingly swallow a seed maybe an orange seed,it will grow out of your head in few weeks(that know the reason for this one too..lol? Every nigerian kid has heard a version of this

Chai the “talking eyes” is one signal we have to reckon with while growing up. Mother’s don’t shout or talk too much then, they just look at you, and you understand the message they are trying to pass across. When you visit someone with your mom, and they try to entertain you, the mom are always not hungry, but when you are asked, your mom facial expression will make you satisfied immediately, even when you are starving. And guess what? Your mom will be insisting you should have a drink at least. If you eat or drink anything, you do that at your own risk, because it is a trap. Forget what they are saying with their mouth, Nigerian mothers communicate with their eyes..

And then the scary things they tell you when you get your first menstural flow.. a friend said her mum called her inside the room,locked the day,sat her down and started all that talk about how if a man touches her,she will get pregnant,that she should not play with boy and that if a man pees on the ground and she crosses it she will get pregnant automatically.. (Like seriously??Mehn that is really scary tho…lol)
It was when she gained admission into the university that her mum actually gave her a detailed sex education(a little late if I should say) in my opinion I believe starting early is better
I guess they were shy of discussing and giving their kids sex education
Don’t get me wrong our parents raised us well but mehn they really dealt with us

Do you still use the “talking eye” and the scary tales on your kids now?
At what age should a parent educate their child about sex and how should they go about it
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