hey moms,

This one is specifically for us..I know we are always in a hurry and under pressure to lose weight after childbirth and return to prepregnancy weight which to be frank is not as easy as some people potray..

So while we are busy hitting the gym,doing our sit ups,skipping,planks,cardio and so on,hoping to snapback one day,here are ways to hide that belly fat under your clothes without compromising your style
1) wear peplum:just make sure the flare is long and start below your bust

3)Go for high waist jeans/trousers

4)Go for clothes with drapes or ruching(ie dresses with gather)

5)wear dark colors,black,navy,brown,burgundy especially around the tummy area!! Dark colors are more slimming than light color

6)Avoid tops with waistbands

7)Do not tuck in shirts

8)Try a leggings

9)wear corset/waist trainer

I know you thought this was about getting ride of belly fat completely(looking that the title)..lol

The permanent remedy is in exercise and eating healthy

Hope this helps us yummy mummies!! Get rid of all those baggy clothes,Belly fat cannot stop us from looking great

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