Hurray my son is 3 months old today. 

 Looking back at the journey so far I am most grateful to God Almighty. I discovered I was pregnant again when amaka was just 9months and i was still breastfeeding..I told some of my close friends and most of them were like “habah so fast,why are u in a hurry?”they felt it was too early and some were over the moon for me(not that there opinion matters tho)

The truth is that we didn’t plan it but then i knew I didn’t want 4/5yrs child when I found out I had mixed feelings,i cried everyday..this is why, being far away from home,when i had amaka it wasn’t easy for me,my mom couldn’t come,first time mum,no omugwo,no ji mmiri oku,no ofe mums can relate to this)how I coped then is a story for another day basically it was God so i knew it won’t be easy for me taking care of amaka,coping with pregnancy and then taking care of 2 babies
I had to embrace the situation knowing its a blessings and praying for daily strength.Afterall some ladies have 2 kids,12months apart

 First I had to stop breastfeeding amaka @ 10months tho my doctor said it was okay to continue breastfeeding but my dear I just couldn’ first trimester was hell literally, couldn’t do anything for myself thanks to hubby,we got a nanny that would come only on weekends(better than none)

And then we came back to Nigeria(will write a piece on coming back to nigeria soon)then I had enough helpers, family,my mum n siblings
Fast forward 9months later, my son arrived,can’t believe he is 3months already and amaka is starting nursery this September…
It wasn’t easy then and its definitely not easy now either but having family around has made it a lot easier…my mum has been amazing!!This 2 under 2 momlife is definitely not easy!! Am still getting used to my new status”mom of 2″.. But then Watching chiamaka and chiagoziem fills my heart,the love between them, the way amaka is so fond of her Lil bro,rushes to his bed side any time he cries,wants to carry him,wants to share everything with him biscuits, food etc..
For mums in same situation be rest assured that you can definitely do a matter of fact some ladies prefer it so that they can do child bearing at once and then focus on career take mercy Johnson for instance

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