For me and a lot of people too its called okro,we go to the market,buy it and end up using it for soup only..Aside from the health benefits and nutritional values,it has other benefits too

Did you know that okra can be applied on the hair too??

Here are some hair benefits of okra

-it gives volume to your hair

-helps fight dandruff: it improves your scalp conditions, moistures and keeps dandruff away

-As styling gel:it does the job of a styling gel better than most hair products

-Hair conditioner: when wash your hair,remove excess water from hair,apply and rinse off

-it gives shiny hair

-it makes hair bouncy,smooth and silky hair

-scalp moisturizer

-it makes hair soft and easy to comb

-it costs little money


-Cut the okra into small pieces

-put water(measurement depends on the quantity of okra)in a pot,and then put the okra in

-let it boil for 10-15minutes under low heat or until desired sticky texture

-bring it down and let it cool off

-then separate the seed from the mucilage

-store in a can,shake it anytime you wanna use it

-use within 2-3days

You can apply it and rinse off later or you can leave it and allow it to dry…

So instead of going for expensive and probably harsh hair products,why not try the natural and healthy way

Share your experience with us if you have tried this

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