The other day I took goziem to the hospital for his immunization, I left very early so I didn’t eat at home.

Got to the hospital and decided to go eat in the hospital canteen while I wait for our turn, immediately I was served food he started crying so I brought out the boobs so that he can breastfeed while I eat

The lady opposite me saw what I was doing and shouted’nne mba oo odighi nma’ Meaning that I should stop,that its not good when i asked why,the first thing she asked was if this is my first child? I said no he is my second. And she said why am I behaving like a first timer.

she said its better to allow the baby cry while i eat or ask someone to carry him outside so that i can finish eating first before breastfeeding and am like how can i concentrate and eat when i know my child is crying and needs to be feed?

And she said i should just ignore him and before i know it he will never cry when am eating. That its because I didnt start early that her baby doesn’t dare cry when she is eating(her child is just 4months old and its her 4th child..I had to ask) 

I just said okay,didn’t want to start an argument with her

Truth is I never thought that nursing while eating was an issue to some people,more or less a topic for discussion that was why I felt comfortable doing it

To me its called multitasking, that’s what we do as mothers

According to her if you eat and breastfeed at the same time

-your food won’t digest

-you might drop hot soup on the baby(that I understand)

-the baby will make it a habit to cry whenever mommy is eating

What is your take on this? myth or fact??

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