Have you people seen this TV show called Hollywood medium with Tyler Henry on E entertainment?

The 19year old boy that sees,relates and connects with dead people.

Hollywood celebrities invites him to do readings for them and i guess they pay him heavily.

And his mother actually drives him around to do readings for these celebrities..so I ask is that part of encouraging your child to pursue his passion? (Bikonu what kind of passion is that?)… Iike he is passionate about seeing ghosts.Is she helping him actualize his dream?(dream of becoming what)

This got me thinking,if that boy was a Nigerian,his parents will say he is possessed,they will take him to church for deliverance, what rubbish? your mates are studying to become doctors,lawyers,bloggers etc and you are going about seeing ghosts..Nigerian parents will be like”what if people ask me what my child does for a living,what will I tell them??.lol

Anyways I think his mom is been supportive and driving him around because of the money he makes at the end of day coz to be frank I don’t understand what kinda passion that is?

Would you say he is talented?If Tyler were your child,what would you do? Lest I forget he is openly gay too

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