Amaka is a huge cartoon lover once she is glued to the screen,she forgets every other thing and then I can comfortably do my chores without disturbance..

I had to download some on my phone,laptop,i have DVDs including the numerous cartoon networks on dstv..

The other day I was keenly observing her,i saw how excited she was watching it,she was all smiles,Iaughing,mimicking them and singing along.i began to ask myself’WHY DO KIDS LIKE CARTOON?’

I guess its because of the bright attractive colors,the funny voices,unrealistic actions,fantasies and imaginations.

Although most of this cartoons contain lots of violence,disrespect for adults,voodoo and are immoral like ben 10, teenage mutant ninja turtle,avatar(make ur Pikin no learn how to fight   i read of a 3year old boy that fell down and broke his legs while trying to be superman and ended up in the orthopedics(they think those characters are real and that every thing is possible)..some are quiet educative

They helps the kids with good vocabulary,they paints a beautiful picture of the world,boosts their confidents and very entertaining like sherk,frozen,mickey mouse,barney(I don’t watch cartoon a lot tho).  

 This is my opinion on the few I have seen.. Get your kids to watch cartoon and you won’t regret it aside the educative benefit,it keeps your hyper active toddler calm for sometime…

To all the cartoon lovers,pls I need a list of good and educative cartoon for her

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