Reading musingsofjudgejudyjudy blog post on money money money!  reminded me of something( a friend’s dilemma)….

 A family friend lost his job in the bank,job hunted for a while and finally decided to go into business and be independent.. He had one million naira to invest with.
He came to close friends seeking ideas,suggestion and advice on what kind of business to venture into.

When he asked me,I pulsed for a while,thinking but nothing came up(know some people have a thousand and one business ideas already in their head,all they need is just 100k or less). Not that I didn’t think of any idea but I was putting so many things into consideration

-with this economic crisis in the country now virtually all businesses now are going through down times.

-His wife is a stay at home mum(a housewife)so he is the sole breadwinner

-He might not want to do some kind of businesses because of pride,someone that has worked in a corporate environment (you know this suit and tie 

-He has 2lovely kids,so he needs to make at least 5 to 10k in a day to be able to cater for his family

I didnt want to give the “You need to look around you and find what people need, THEN, provide that service that is needed! THAT is how you make money!”advice.
Literally all the services you can think of needed around us has been provided.He wanted specific ideas.

So I ask same question as judge Judy Judy’s…

Are you a business person, an Entrepreneur or a professional? For the business people/Entrepreneurs, how were your ideas birthed? Did you struggle at anytime with any of this or did it just come easily to you?
What kind of lucrative business do you advice him to dive into in Nigeria with one million naira as capital?

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