…Abroad you would dress up nicely,walk into a shop not to go buy stuff but just to window shop,you would try on some of the clothes,even take pictures with the clothes,leave without buying any and the shop owner would happily thank us for stopping by

The benefit of window shopping is that you get to know more about the products and their prices,so that when you come back to buy you would know exactly what you are going for and how much to budget

Oya,try window shopping in a typical Nigerian market(in fact its not possible)

Firstly you can’t walk freely, 5 people would be dragging your hand to come buy from them and if you are not careful they might steal your money(you have to shine your eyes and hold your bag tight)

When you finally enter a shop,try on a cloth and for some reasons you don’t like it(you don enter problem) before you know it he/she would start raining insults and curses on you and your generation

Sometime last week I walk into a shop to get some clothes for myself and the lady said I shouldn’t try the clothes on until we have settle on the price.

what could be her reason for saying that and what if we agree on a price,I try the cloth and I don’t like how it fits?

I think we lack good customer service relationship.we need to learn how to be nice to customers/potential customer coz you never know,if you treat a customer right he/she might refer other people to you..we know the economy is bad but then a smile and good gesture is priceless.

Have you had a similar encounter or something different shopping in a typical Nigeria market?? Share your experience with us

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