Hey darlings,

This is actually a reblog from diaryofanabujamom. She is one of my favorite bloggers,I love how she “shares her imperfect mommy moments, struggles, highs and lows.”(in her exact words) 

  Her recent post is one i can totally relate to because my daughter is starting school next month too,am scared,anxious and nervous too so I thought to do a reblog knowing another mum might find it helpful too…


1. Make sure you know some kids already going there like family friends, neighbours etc.

2. Ask their parents about the school and if you can ask the kids too

3. Go around the school, check out their classes, playground, music room, whatever they claim they have and if they are on holidays and have holiday lessons, check out the teachers. I went with my friend to a school if you see the Beating a teacher was giving to someone…We run

4. Ask every question you want to ask cause That’s where your kid or kids are going to.

5. Let it be close to your house especially for starters like me so any peem you can fly to that place and carry your pikin. 

Finally please don’t start with a school bus especially for toddlers so they can be close to you and they won’t feel it too much but if you must suit yourself. 

Hope this tips are very helpful any more tips please leave in the comment section or send me an email. Will reply ASAP

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