A lot of moms have asked me to share my secret on how I lost my baby weight,so this is it,i wouldnt call it a secret tho,tips would be a better word.

I remember still looking 7months pregnant after I gave birth and people would tease me by asking if am sure another baby is not still inside..Being a second time mum I didnt take it to heart because i knew all I needed was time and patience

Me 39weeks pregnant over 100kg

Last week (15weeks postpartum) 70kg.

  • Breastfeeding regularly.Truth is breastfeeding is the best way to lose weight after childbirth tho some moms are of a different opinion.For me its like the magic pill.Breastfeeding burns a lot calories and helps you lose weight
  • My waist trainer, I wore it almost immediately after I gave birth,did same when I had amaka though my doctor here in Nigeria advice against it..he was of the opinion that exercise is best,yes we know but while I was waiting for my 6weeks checkup I held on to it.I wore it for about 6-8hrs in a day( that thing can make someone uncomfortably sha). 
  • Secondly I drink a lot of water..believe it or not drinking water helps in weight lose..
  • You need to drink a lot of water if you are breastfeeding staying hydrated also helps to clear excess pregnancy fluid left behind, your body can’t rid itself of all that pregnancy fluid overnight.

    Keep hydrated to reduce fatigue and produce plenty of milk!

  • I started doing exercises at 6weeks after my doctor gave the go ahead.i no go lie this is one area am still lacking behind in,i need motivation oo

    I am not dieting or on any strict meal plan,i eat everything and very well because am exclusively breastfeeding my son,hoping to wean him next week then he would be 4months old.
    if none of these is working for you,be patience it took nine months to have a baby, it could take another nine to get the weight off.

    How did you lose your baby weight? Did any of these tips work for you too?how long did it take you to lose your baby weight?share with us

    PS:pls consult your doctor before using waist trainers after childbirth especially if you had a ceaseran section

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