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From Mrs edidiong odey

 “Hi dear, you’re doing great. I had the idea to start the same(blog like you’re doing) but procrastination got the best of me. Anyway kudos. Just a suggestion, a good topic would be.. WHEN IS THE RIGHT AGE TO TEACH YOUR CHILD ABOUT HIS /HER BODY PARTS.

I’ll just share my experience… So we have this rule that no one is allowed to bathe my baby except mummy or grandma so she understands that only close and trusted females are allowed to touch her bombom(because of the increase in child molestation). One day I was soooooo busy I begged hubby to help bathe her. My dear do you know that the whole of that day my baby kept telling me Joe bombom.. And that’s cause from when I can remember I showed her her bombom and always tell her that if anybody touches her bombom she should tell me. So all that day she kept telling me that her dad touched her bombom.

Funny story but I was impressed”

 Its actually a funny story and a very smart kid my opinion I would say once you start potty training your child is the best time.

When and how did you teach your child his/her body parts?leave your comment below or send me an email

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