death shall not be your portion this mber months, you shall surpass every trouble that will come your way this
mber months
…….” i woke up to this kinda message from loved ones today and this got me thinking “why are people scared of the ember months?”

A lot of people are of the believe that the ember months are full of mishaps ,deaths , accidents,increase in rituals activities,armed robbery attacks etc

Nigerians are just too superstitious. Personally I think the reason for a lot of mishaps this period is christmas/end of the year is coming anxiety. Its the peak period of businesses across the nation..There is hike in prices of goods and services”which normally should be bonanza period to mark the end of the year and Christmas holiday(if you never buy Christmas things till now be ready to add some extra cash on them now) 

People are doubling their hustle level in order to meet up (i must make money before this year ends). It’s like the widely accepted official time for individual KPI reviews for everyone. Especially for people that prefer spending their end of the year holidays at their home town so they can go home and show off

As a result of this, motorist are prone to accidents due to lack of concentration, road congestion, speed,
frequent travels,thereby making people to be wary of the last four months of the year.
We need to have a positive mindset,the ember months are like every other months. Just be careful,slow down and keep holding on to God words.The lord that kept us from january till now will see us through to the end,no harm shall befall us!HAPPY NEW MONTH DARLINGS

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