Have you ever been given something you dont like,something you already have or don’t need?? Consider regifting it!!
I remember sitting with my husband,unwrapping our wedding presents few days after our big day and found out we got quite a number of presents from loved ones,we got 3-4pieces of one particular item from different people.. Unwrapping them I decided I would regift most of the presents especially the ones I got twice or thrice and the ones I won’t be needing.

My plan was to present it to my friends on their big day too maybe there wedding day,child dedication or any other occasion.when I told hubby about my plan to regift some of the item his reaction slowed me down

Habah how can you give a present someone gave you to someone else?its not right,I said honey we have 3-4 of same item why keep them when I can give it to someone else that would probably use it.And then he said what if you end up giving it back to the same person that gave it to you???(how possible is that)I was definitely gonna change the wrap.

For him its better to give them to charity.
i seriously think there should be rules for regifting presents

  1. Never regift handmade,if you know a friend take time and energy to make a present for you like a handmade knitted blanket never regift such present
  2. Regift outside your circle of friends.Imagine how nneka would feel if she were at jennifer’s house and spotted the gift she gave you in the corner.
  3. Regift only brand new item
  4. It’s important to remove all signs that shows you were the original recipient and rewrap them

That said,i have not regifted any of my wedding presents yet,i hope to do that someday soon!!At least its almost 3years now,i know most of my friends can no longer remember the particular present they gave me..lol


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