​So you have been praying a little munchkin and finally you find out you are pregnant and that you are going to a mother.You are all excited and then the waiting game begins,38-40weeks seems like forever,you are anxious and nervous about you and your baby’s wellbeing..is my little one alright?Are my doing/eating the right things? Why is my body like this?what does my little one look like in there at this stage?

For me BABY CENTRE APP was my go to friend in both pregnancies.it helped ease my worries and the need to rush to the hospital for any little issue.I downloaded it and i was able to track my baby’s daily development,got daily reminder of how my baby was doing in there and how my body was gradually changing for good.

Even after i gave birth i got constant daily message on my babies development and what to expect for my baby’s first year

Here are some benefits of this app

While you are pregnant:

  • you get to see what your baby looks like each week measured with fruits sizes with detailed fetal development images and videos.Thousands of pregnancy articles as pregnancy progresses day by day, telling you what to expect of pregnancy and expecting baby
  •  Connect with other moms-to-be due the same month as you and learn from each other
  • Reminders for your due date, appointments, medication and many more about your pregnancy.Find out what’s safe during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy day by day: Learn how your body’s changing daily, what’s ahead, and how to cope
  • Due date calculator: Quickly determine your due date if you don’t know it yet
  • Take weekly pics of your growing belly and turn them into time lapse videos

And For your baby’s first year

  • Feeding Guide: Breastfeeding, nursing or formula tips + a solid food tracker
  • Baby Health & Safety: Articles and videos + track your baby’s height and weight
  •  Weekly Activities: Top suggestions for you and your baby
  • take pics of your little one,organize them and save in the app
  • Sleep Guide: From how to settle a newborn to sleep training + lullabies

This app is recommended by ABC News, Healthline, American Pregnancy, allParenting,Pregnancy magazine and by me.


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