I know this is going to be a sensitive topic because every mum has different choice and preference.

Aside the beautiful of the carrier especially when leaving the house with your little one,I know most Nigerian moms will definitely go with our naija style of backing baby.it is our traditional way of carrying a baby,it is the only method our mothers,grandmothers and great grandmothers used..

So here are some benefits of our naija style of baby backing based on my experience.

  • Cost: carriers are quite expensive but for our naija style of baby wearing all you need is just a wrapper
  • Hands-free: when I back my baby my hands are free so am able to do chores comfortably
  • Firmness: with the carrier am always scared of the firmness of the buckle make my baby no fall  hence i always support him with my hands but with my wrapper u go know when e don tight..lol
  • Backache:for me i experience more backpain when using my baby carrier than when am backing my baby
  • Weight: when you use a carrier you tend to feel the baby’s weight more than when you back him

Many parents say the technique is soothing and aids their child’s sleep,works for me too.once i back my little one he dozes off almost instantly
I think the only con is the fact the some people say it flattens your boobs coz of the tightness of the wrapper on the boobs area and your baby pulling your hair from behind..lol
That said,whatever way a mother chooses to carry her baby shouldnt be an issue as long as both mother and child are comfortable and safe..the end result is same,the baby gets carried!!


In other news meet my 4months old sugar boy,has 2teeth,started solid food,apple and banana puree is his favorite!! Still feels like I just had him yesterday

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