..So the era of Brazilian, Russian,Peruvian, Malaysian hair is gradually coming to an end,even relaxers are now facing out.

Ladies are now embracing their natural hair,almost every ladies you meet now is either transitioning to all natural virgin hair or doing the big chop(ie shaving off the hair) and then starting all over.
I too have joined the natural hair gang!! I havent put relaxer on my hair in over 7months,am transitioning because am scared of doing the big chop.i dont know what i would look in a low cut(people say it would suit me but abeg i no wan take chances..lol..) so am taking my time and letting the relaxed part to grow out on its own..maybe i would eventually shave off the relaxed part but that would be when my virgin hair has come up very well(asin enough under growth don dey as we normally call it).

I have brought quite a number of wigs and turned most of my weaves into wigs so am now on the wig life while am yet to learn about natural hair care,good haircare products and where to get them here in nigeria!

Have you joined the natural hair gang? Did you transition or did you do the big chop?Do you think this natural hair trend has come to stay? Do you think it would face out too??

Kindly share tips on how to effectively take care of a natural hair,products and where to get them..

…This is my natural hair goal!! Help a sister achieve this bikonu.lol

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