Bikonu,check out this viral picture of a mum who not only ran a half marathon, she pumped breast milk in the middle of it..

She gave birth 5months ago. She nursed her daughter before she left her house, pumped after running the first 8 miles and nursed her after she made it past the finish line. 

How awesome is that,she is what I call a supermum.

This is what it means to multitasking as a mom.She has received hundreds of comments praising her dedication to nursing her child.

Some people are of the opinion that her pumping while running was totally unnecessary, she should have pumped at home instead or quit at some point and nurse her baby.

For me,i love her guts,her energy level must be out of this world and AM INSPIRED..

Who told you that you can’t have a job,own a business and still be a wife and a mother?


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