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In my previous post i wrote about packing list for flying with kids. If you missed it see HERE

Today lets talk about things you need to have ready during your third trimester.

So you’ve made it to your third trimester, congratulation! Soon you are going to be meeting your bundle,I know how anxious and exciting it is. you might even be tired of being pregnant, it’s normal to feel this way.

Based on experience as a mother of two,here are 5 things i think you should have ready at third trimester,while counting down

  • MATERNITY PHOTOS: you know this would be my number one right??

If you know me,you would know am a photo addict,i dont even share half the pics i take on social media..I took the pic above when i was 36weeks pregnant with my second child,my sugar boy as i call him.If you have not taken your maternity pictures yet,what are you waiting for mama? Actually guess what!? You still have time tho.you can either go to the studio or do a location photoshoot. Even if it’s your second or third pregnancy, just go ahead and do a maternity shoot! Also, what’s more beautiful than having your kids be part of your maternity shoot?Like this one i took with my daughter

  • WASH AND FOLD BABY CLOTHES PROPERLY: If you have not done this before now,this is the right time to do it.

During my first pregnacy,i did the washing as early as 4months,you know that first pregnancy excitement..lol.Baby clothes are in shops, people touch it and you don’t want germs or anything of that nature transferring to your baby’s skin.

  • HOSPITAL BAG: Do not start packing up things when you start having contractions or when your water breaks to avoid forgetting somethings and sending your hubby back home. With both of my pregnancies I had my hospital bag ready to go by my 7th month and I would check constantly to see if I was forgetting something.

My next post will be on the things you need to have in your hospital bag so stay glued to the blog

  • BABY NURSERY SETUP: Finish any last minute decorations, painting and have your nursery ready for use after you give birth .
  • BABY SHOWER: this is the right time else it would turn to a baby arrival party 

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