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Hope your weekend is going well? Today is sanitation here in lagos so we plan to do a little cleaning,help amaka do her homework and then go see a movie later
Before that let me share with you a few things i have learnt from being a mom of 2.
You saw my maternity photos when i was pregnant with my second child in my previous post HERE

Can’t believe its almost 6months since i had him (still feels like yesterday)
You remember when he turned 4months and i shared his picture HERE

These kids grow way too fast
I’m grateful for the many, life-changing things that being a mom of 2 has taught me. 

So here are the most important lessons I’ve learned so far

1. Not to panic about anything,it shall pass (and I’ll forget everything about it). 

With my daughter, every difficult stage (sleepless nights, teething, breastfeeding) seemed eternal, but with my son, I’ve quickly realized that it will be over very soon before I know it and I would barely remember it

I had serious issues breastfeeding after I had amaka sore nipples,cracked nipples I would cry every time I want to breastfeed and I wondered how long it would last and before I knew it,it became a thing of the past!! Same case in so many other phases

2. I can’t do Everything all at once and I don’t have to beat myself up about it

There are times when both my kids need something at the same time like amaka is hungry  and goziem needs to be cuddled and breastfeed and I have to choose who’s going to have to wait (and most likely cry while doing so). This does not make me a bad mom nor harm would letting my kid cry for a while harm him/her.

3. No two kids are the same,the other kids development rate should not be a yardstick for measuring the next.
My son has already started crawling but with my daughter she was kinda late she started at 8month.
My son got his first set of teeth at 2-3months but amakas was around 4-5months
Each child reaches different milestone at different times.

4. Its okay to leave your child with someone you trust for a while and just go unwind

When I need help, I have to ask for it. With my daughter i didn’t feel comfortable leaving her with anyone even for a second,I will carry her with me everywhere even when i got a nanny i would never allow her leave my sight for a minute but now I no longer feel guilty leaving my son with my babysitter,dropping him in the daycare for a while to run an errands or just to catch fresh air. The time away makes me a better mom.

5. You don’t need every gadget to have a happy baby. 

 when my daughter was born, I bought every baby item you can think of,most of them i didnt even use

 But this time i have learnt  that all that stuff aint really necessary in the first place,just stick with the basics.

6.there is no such thing as a perfect mum

To be perfect means to improve, refine, or work on. The truth is that motherhood is just one big unfinished project.

7. I have learnt to appreciate my messy home. Of course I like a clean and orderly home as much as any other person, but then its okay for our house to be quite a mess at times.
Messes are temporary things that create permanent memories and long-term happiness.

8.The best things in life really are free: forget about all the boutique expensive designers wear for your new baby. Smiles, snuggles, companionship, conversation, a sense of belonging, a reason to get up, the satisfaction of watching another person grow under your care. These are the best things of motherhood, and they are all free.

What have you learnt from being a mom?
What are your plans for the weekend? Which movie do you suggest i see today?

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