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You remember In my previous post on THINGS I HAVE LEARNT FROM BEING A MOM OF 2 i told you that you dont need every baby stuff to have a happy child
My pregnant friend actually inspired this post.she complained to me about how the money her husband gave her to shop for baby items was too small and showed me her list
Her list was over the top,if you know what i mean.
if her hubby was to give her double the cash she had it wont still be enough

I know the excitement that comes with finding out that you are going to be a mother.

You want to give him/her the best and then you start shopping for all baby items money can buy
Babies are not adults. They don’t care about how fancy their nursery is,how fine their toys are, or how expensive,fashionable their designer clothes are. Basically all they care about is a place to sleep, diapers, basic clothing, and milk.

I have being there and based on my experience here are list of baby items i think you dont really need

  • Newborn size clothes: this is like the most important for me because i made this mistake when i had amaka. I bought a lot of newbornsize clothes which she outgrew in few weeks because she was a very big baby.In my option go for 0-3months old clothes or better still 3to6 months old clothes.

  • Baby shoes: Babies don’t walk until they are 9-12 months old, so until then dont spend so much on baby shoes

  • Changing table: for me this will only cost you so much and then occupy so much space..you can change your baby on your bed or on the floor

  • Special detergent for babies: i used this a lot when i had amaka but sincerely its just a waste of money.

All you need is a brand that is “free and clear,” meaning that it is has no perfumes and dyes that might irritate baby’s skin.
so to save money i would advice you go for mild toilet soap instead

  • Car seat: i have never used it though but i think its kinda unneccessary because your baby will always want to be carried and cuddled so why waste that much on a car seat

  • Newborn diaper size:these are quite neccesary but then Dont overbuy

  • Baby stroller: i bought one when i had my first child aboard but i hardly use it here.

I put my son in it once and amaka almost pushed him down so i quitely packed it since then so if you are in nigeria what do you need a stroller for? On which road do you plan to use it?
So pls save that money and let your hubby rest

The bottom line is this DONT BUY TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING

Forget brands and manufacturers hype,stay within your budget only then will you discover that no amount is too small.
The diapers that work great for your friend’s baby might leak horribly on yours or cause rashes on yours.
After trying so many foreign diapers for my son,we have finally settled for nigerian pampers,they are so comfy and doesnt give him rashes.
So be prepared to have some trial-and-error for what your baby likes and what works for him, and don’t buy too much of any baby product until you’ve tried out.

Are you a first time mum?i hope you find this helpful
Are you a mom of 2 or more,what did you buy as a first time mum and found out it wasnt neccesary?
pls add to the list if you think i omitted something

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