Hey darlings,

How are you guys doing? I hope service was great and that you have enjoyed a plate of sunday rice?

Guess what??
So my daughter turned 2 on friday,the little baby i had the other day is 2 now.
still feels like yesterday.
Am super happy and grateful to God almighty coz its definitely not by my powers.

You know, before I started writing this blog post I had another post entirely in mind.
Actually i wanted to share my birth story coz i thought whats a mommy blog without birthstories and being that its amaka’s birthmonth its definitely a good time.
While we were at amaka’s school celebrating her birthday an entirely NEW blog post title popped into my mind.
immediately we came back,i ran to my computer and started typing. And then this post was born!
One would think that being a mommy blogger is easy,trust me its not i can be so busy with the kids or feel uninspired for days or weeks,And then when the inspiration comes i write 3 posts in a day.
Inspiration can come at anytime,maybe when am cooking or busy with the kids or house chores.
But Sincerely i love blogging,the fact that a lot of mums confide and share experiences with me,i get to learn from you,inspire and encourage a lot of mums via this blog is what i live for.its priceless!!

You rememeber when i talk about breastfeeding while eating? We are talking about breastfeeding again but this time around dads are involved.
I once heard a man say that whenever his wife gives birth,he doesnt share the same room with her.

She moves into a different room with the baby.
And am like why???
The woman goes through the sleepless nights,midnight cries all alone while the man sleeps undisturbed.
For christ sakes,we made this baby together dude.
We know that Mums are solely responsible for breastfeeding the baby but then dads can also help

So Here are some ways dads can REALLY help with breastfeeding

1. By bringing the baby to mom

When the baby wakes up in the middle of the night hungry.Even tho the dad can’t feed the baby himself, he can get up and bring his hungry baby to mom.
But first try to calm the baby down and then hand baby to mom.
This is a very little but big gesture..
My hubby does this a lot and i really appreciate it tho i havent openly told him that…lol

2. Bring her a snack and a drink

3. Help occupy the older kids

Moms are humans not machine,we cant do everything at the same time.you cant be breastfeeding and still be helping the older kids with homework or something else.
Unless, you want a very fussy, hungry baby and a possible nipple injury.

4. Assist by Washing the bottles and pumps

5. Never compel her to cover up while breastfeeding in public if she is comfortable with it.show support instead.

6. Help Burp the baby
When she is done with breastfeeding,dads can help burp him

7. Don’t get angry when mom says you can’t play with them boobs

They are no longer your boobs. They belong to the baby. No woman feels sexy when breastmilk is leaking out of her nipples. So Let it go, and just stare at her butt instead.

When she finally wean the baby, you applaud and appreciate her for what the great job she has done no matter how long she breastfed.

What are some other ways dads can help with breastfeeding?

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