Hi darlings.
How is the weekend going y’all?
I told you guys that Agoziem has started crawling right? He actually started crawling 3weeks at 6months old am so happy,proud of him (its a huge milestone) and am now extra busy.

If you notice that your baby is about to crawl usually from 5months to 8months,you probably need to get to work to baby proof your home and provide a safe crawling ground for him

Here are Ways to baby proof your home before your baby starts crawling

  • Make it a habit to kick your shoes at the door coz once they lay hold of your shoes it enter their mouth instantly.

Have you ever thought about all the things you walked on outside? All that dirts and dust entering your baby’s mouth.

  • Sweep and Clean the floors regularly.
  • Hold your doors in place Using doorstops and door holders to protect babies’ fingers.
  • Keep blow dryers, toasters, blender and other appliances unplugged to avoid electric shock.
  • Keep dust bins in inaccessible cupboards or out of reach
  • Clear your floor of all harmful objects,sharp objects like scissors and pencils, chemicals,hair and anything that can cause choking.
  • Make sure your furniture are firm to the walls, don’t let anything fall and injury your baby
  • Secure all tall furniture, bookshelves, TVs, and other objects that could potentially fall if bumped into or pulled up on. It’s a simple tip that could save a life
  • Be mindful of where you leave your baby.
  • It only takes split second for that almost-crawling baby to propel themselves off the bed. So be mindful of where and how you leave a child, even if you’re going to be right there. Instead, consider putting them in the floor on a blanket with a toy. Or just on the floor itself.
    When Amaka(now 2years old) was 7months old, she once crawled to the kitchen and touched a hot pot and got burnt..I tank God it was minor.

    So Baby proofing your home is not enough,you still need to monitoring your baby closely because you can’t be 100% sure

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