​Hey darlings
Happy new month y’all..we made it!! Thank God for the journey so far
The year is almost over.
I know most of us are taking stock and making plans for the new year already.

Concerning the blog,I hope to move this blog to the next level come 2017,connect more with my readers,be more consistent,start a vlog maybe..what do you think about starting a vlog?
This past week I received some amazing feedback about the blog, some people sent emails,others sent DMs on instagram and I’m super duper excited to know that you find this blog educating..
You mummies are the real MVP,you inspire me a whole lot.thank you!!

You know the first few months after you have your baby, you pretty much stay in the house except to take him to doctor’s appointments we call it OMUGWO.
At some point you would be so stressed out and overwhelmed with the new you,the sleepless nights,the demands of being a new mom.
Go easy on yourself.
A sink full of dirty dishes or an undusted shelf does not make you a bad mother.
Trust me,moms need a break too.
Am not talking about leaving your baby and going on holiday,am talking about getting some fresh air for 30mins.
You can go for a car ride with your husband.
That 30 minutes of fresh air and a change of scenery will do your heart and soul good!

As a mom of 2, I am starting to understand more and more that moms need a break.

During my omugwo When I had my son,sometimes I would express milk leave him with my mom,dress up and just go get fresh air
I have complete respect for working moms that resume work almost immediately after childbirth, they get up, leave their babies and go to work. After they return home, they have to cook dinner and do the housework.

I have found that when I take care of myself and take a break, that I feel better about myself and play my mummy role better.

Below are three ways i take a break and take care of myself:

  • Manicures/Pedicures– I have always enjoyed mani/pedis. There is just something so relaxing about a pedicure. Since having our little one, I try to get a pedicure at least once a month–sometimes more, sometimes less.. I come back relaxed, refreshed (and with cute toes!).
  • Alone Time– This can be a pretty generic way to take a break and take care of yourself. This could be going to the park,eatery and sip a bottle of drink alone, listening to good music alone.i do this a lot.
    Alone time is something that is difficult to come by when you become a mom, but I have found that taking a little bit of alone time, especially on those stressful days, can give me the bit of refreshment I need. I know that not all moms have this luxury-some are single moms, some have husbands who work long hours, others have husbands who work out of town. Even if it means hiring a babysitter once a month for an hour, or asking your mom to watch the kids for a little bit–I highly recommend taking a little bit of alone time when you start to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.
  • Get Dressed, Put on Some Perfume Make Up-Before having a baby, I would hardly leave the house without make up on and my hair done. Since becoming a mom, leaving the house without makeup has become the new normal . No, life is not all about makeup and perfume, but sometimes it does make you feel better! It’s amazing what a little eye liner and a dab of perfume can do for your attitude. I hope these tips help you manage the stress you feel as a new mom.
    How else do you relieve stress when you manage to get that little mummy time?

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