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If you have been following my natural hair journey from MY TRANSITIONING to MY BIG CHOP,you would remember i promised to be doing reviews and sharing DIYs.

If you are a naturalista,then you already know that A Spray Bottle is a Natural Hair Necessity. If you do not have a spray bottle, get one! It is one of the best investments you can make. It sounds so simple. I know. Spritzing your hair daily is the best way to get your hair looking healthy and moist preferably every morning and night
So for my 4c type natural hair,here is a list of what I have in my spray bottle

Black tea: I use Lipton,a lot of people use green tea which is also fine.

Little water

Coconut oil

Olive oil

A little leave in conditioner
I boil my tea,allow to cool then I pour it into my empty spray bottle,follow by my oils,a little leave in conditioner and a little water!!
Voila I shake and I spray

My black tea makes the greater portion of my mix

Benefits of black tea on your hair:

-Black tea prevents hair loss.

-Reduces shedding.

– Adds shine and softens hair.

-Darkens hair or brings out natural highlights.

Specific amounts of each ingredient depends on

1.) the size of the bottle

2.) your hair needs

Make sure you shake you bottle before each use to get all that good stuff on your hair.

Try this and make sure you give me feedback

I know a lot of people add castor oil,aloe vera juice,ACV etc so you can go ahead and experiment, try a different spritz every few days until you find a combination of ingredients that works well for YOUR hair

What do you have in your spray bottle??
share with us
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Attached below is a short video of what my hair looks like now..i
Thinking of posting/attaching more videos or starting a vlog..what do you guys think??

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