Hey darlings,

I know,I know I have been MIA,guess what I have been up to??

Marriage planning!!
my younger sis and only sister is getting married traditionally on the 27th of Dec and we have being busy,you know big sister/wedding planner role..


Choosing colors of the day,shopping for aseobi clothes,brides looks,meeting with vendors and all.. we are gradually getting to the D-day,trust me to bring you pictures of all the glitz n glamorous on that day..

If you are following me on Instagram and Snapchat you would get to watch live video clips of the ceremony

Today i want to quickly drop my egusi soup recipe here.

You know when you eat a particular food for so long and you begin to hate it at some point.

That was my case with egusi soup,when I was abroad,I ate egusi soup so much coz it was easily accesible but still expensive tho that I hated it

But this new(yea its new to me) method has revived my love for egusi soup..

I know most of you already know about this method but for those of us that don’t,this post is for you


Ugu(pumpkin leave)

Uziza leave

Tomatoes (really?? Yes,I never knew too)




Dried fish

Yellow peppers


Knor cube


Palm oil

* Wash all your meat, stockfish with plenty water and salt

* Grind the egusi and crayfish separately.

* Blend your tomatoes, fresh pepper

* With plenty of water and salt,i wash and cut the ugu and uziza leave. Put them in separate sieves to drain out all the water as much as possible.

like I told you in my previous post on my edikai ikong soup recipe, I do not squeeze or wring my vegetables like some recipes suggest because I would lose some nutrients by doing that

I added the meat,stockfish, dried fish, smoked fish, in a pot with water and steam until cooked

When its cooked I bring it down

In an empty pot,I put my palm oil and allow to bleach for a while

then I put my blended tomatoes and pepper and fry it until its dry

Followed by my egusi,I continue frying for about 3-5minutes. Be careful not to burn your egusi in the process

I then pour my cooked meat,fish into it

Stir and Add my crayfish

Cover the pot and allow it to boil when it well cooked

I put my vegetables (ugh n uziza) allow to cook for 2-3minutes

Stir the contents of the pot very well and turn off the heat.

Voila food is ready

Happy cooking….don’t forget to thank me lerra

Hope you find this helpful

Kindly share your own method below

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