Hey darlings,
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So today’s post is about me and my sweet hubby.
Yay,Its our wedding anniversary

Today 21st dec 3 years old we walked down that aisle and sealed our love before God.

1035 days together,marriage is not easy,if I say it is then am obviously lying and we both are very abnormal people

But, even though it has been rough and bumpy at times, we have also had lots n lots of good times and we’ve learned a lot from our successes and our failures along the way.

 Am not a marriage counsellor but being married for 3years now,I can boldly give marriage advice on my experience so far 

 Here are a few lessons I have learnt:

1. Set up boundaries with family and friends-Avoid outside influences in your marriage.

2. There’s no shame in saying “I’m Sorry”

The sooner the better. All of us make mistakes and the sooner we realize that we’ve done a wrong and ask for forgiveness the quicker we can move forward.

3. Patience is very important in marriage.

It won’t be rosy always,when you face difficult things,have patient,pray together and trust God

4. Say “I Love You” often.

This is a very little thing that can change a lot

5. Go on Dates with your spouse,keep the love/romance alive

6.communicate always

There have been many times during our married years that we have had big issues and we both decided to keep quiet

Our hope was that we could read each others mind. Unfortunately, neither of us are mind readers. Big issues + conversations = solution/peace

7.Be contented with what your husband gives you.

When he gets more,he would give you more too

How long have you being married?
When is your wedding anniversary and what lessons have you learnt?

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