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How are you enjoying the festive season?

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 This is a late post,remember i told you HERE that i was amongst the planning committee for my daughters school xmas party,so the party took place on thursday 14th December. Its always a huge privilege to attend events as a parents,such a blessing.

We initially agreed that the kids would dress in casual outfit so i got one correct party dress for her but guess what Tuesday morning the head co ordinator called that plans has changed,the new dress code is red n white

 so I resorted to the red dress she wore on the brother’s DEDICATION I paired it with a white panty hose and a red hair band and she was party ready

Did I tell you guys that my digital camera has arrived,my cannon power s2 is 

My new baby###

So as a mom/photographer i caught the event on camera.
Am still an amateaur in photographer,i hope to become a pro soon so that maybe you cant start booking photo sessions with me..lol..
Kidding,its just for personal use.
Pics below plus how to style my short natural hair to the event

All set…oya lets go

My hair upclose..#twistoutonfleek!!! Will do a post on how i did it


With the sugar boy

Biko help me caption this

On this note,i want to thank you all for all the support since i started this blog,for visiting,dropping comments and sharing post,you are the real MVP..love y’all 

merry Xmas and a happy new year to you all….

How did your baby’s christmas party go?

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