As i was breastfeeding my son this morning,I started thinking about this breastfeeding journey so far,from my daughter to now my son.The unexpected experiences no one told me about,all I had to figure out and discover on my own. And am like why didnt anyone tell me what comes with breastfeeding.

Based on my experience Here are what I believe to be the ugly truth about breastfeeding that no one will tell you:

1. You would experienced engorgement,your breast will Drip, and leak milk – often times your shirt will be covered in milk. It takes a while for you to get used to the nursing pads, how often to change them etc

2. Limited clothing – you have to always wear clothes that will allow you to pull out the boob.

3. Less urge for sex – it’s true, most women experience reduced libido.

4. It hurts a lot– the first couple weeks will be rough. REALLY difficult.

You will experience sore nipple,cracked nipple,latching problems etc.

The beginning is really hard for a lot of moms.

Personally,I experienced it when I had my first baby,I cried any time I want to feed her,I applied all manner of nipple cream.

5. Your boobs will stretch and sag forever – yes,except with the help of surgery.

6. You will feel like you are caged – You might feel like that the responsibility of being the only one who can feed your baby is too much to bear,that is when you need the daddy to help out..I talked about it HERE and go catch fresh air,I also talked about it HERE

7. It’s sacrifice that is worth it– from this my list, breastfeeding involves a lot of sacrifice.

It’s all still completely worth it – truth is you will long for those nursing days.

8) people will criticize you
Motherhood comes along with lots of criticism/judgment from people that thinks they are professionals-  it might be for exposing your breast to feed your baby, for supplementing with formula, for quitting breastfeeding too soon, or for carrying it on too long. 

People must talk so just focus on the health of your baby, and ignore all the rest.

I share one of such experiences HERE

This list is not meant to discourage you,it basically to prepare new moms because in the end you will proud of yourself, amazed at what your body can do and have a deep connection with healthy baby.

There are so many benefits of breastfeeding, so its definitely worth it..

Pls add to the list if you think I omitted something, share your experience!

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