Hey darlings
How y’all doing?
Its not too late to talk about the new year resolution,afterall we are still in the first month.
One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be happier than ever.
i strongly believe it also sums up all your resolutions for the new year
Here are 9 things you should include to your new year resolution to become a happier person this year-

Trust God
You know this will definitely be the first.Have faith in God
Some churches are currently engaging in fasting and prayers.join them,sow your first seed offering for the year and watch God settling you this year

Stop procastinating and Come Up with a Plan:

Take that bold stop and come up with a plan to get a few steps forward. Whether it’s your finance, relationships, family etc. Just think of a way to take the next step forward.

If you’re really stuck, try sleeping on it.

Be Grateful

This one is a life changer. Sometimes it feels nearly impossible to be grateful when everything seems to be going wrong.
Truth is you are better than someone and hard times dont last forever

Exercise and eat Healthier

This healthy lifestyle is not boring at all like a lot people think.
They think it just fruits,vegetables,exercise.
Trust me its way more than just these. You dont miss out on anything at all.
You only get healthy alternatives

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM,you would know am taking this very seriously this time since I met Dr chinasa of ARIELLA FITNESS.
She actually stays very close to me,so you can only imagine the motivation and inspiration am getting from her.
Am working on making it lifestyle.

step out of your comfort zone

It’s just a fact of life that if you stay inside your comfort zone, you’ll never grow.

The secret to growing as a person is to get a little uncomfortable. Do things you wouldn’t normally do and watch your world open up. Say yes to things you’re usually too nervous to agree to. This year do something you’ve always wanted to do. Change your hairstyle,yay join team natural hair,do the big chop..lol. Switch jobs,learn that skill.

Really push yourself to make those life-altering decisions that have a big “what if” factor. What if you never try? Then you’ll never know.

Eliminate negativity

Have a positive mindset

As a mom Get Some “You” Time

We are always so caught up in taking care of kids,chores,school runs etc

Take some time to do some of the tips we discussed above.
The only “me” time moms get is when they showering by themselves (which honestly isn’t enough).

I have a two year old and a 8 month old and my sleep time is limited. Still, it’s worth it for me to give up 2 or 3 hours of it every day or every few days to focus on what makes me happy. It’s makes me a better mom

I encourage you to do the same

Make friends/Interact with good people:

People you that would motivate and inspire you

Dont compare yourself to others: stay on your lane,run your race

Ignore side talks: something happened recently.
Someone came to me and told so many things a friend said behind my back.
Normally i would confront her and give her a piece of my mind but guess what i have decided not to bother myself about side talks.
People must talk


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