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Today am sharing a review on boots baby lotion

So all this while i have been using Shea butter and coconut oil on my kids skin.
But recently it started making their skin very dark.

i want to believe i bought a bad Shea butter or adulterated coconut oil this time.
Even my mum noticed and adviced i should stop using it and try something else..

So i walked into the supermarket,got to the kids section,i was confused coz they had so many brands Johnson,cussons,pears etc

I just needed something to restore my kids complexion and I didn’t have any particular product in mind.
And you know they never specify lightening on babies lotion

Finally this boots baby lotion caught my eyes and I decided to give it a try. When I asked the sales girl about it she only told me they sell it a lot and that her sister uses it on her kids too.

Its being 3months since we started using it and it actually helped restore my kids complexion so I guess its time to do a review.
To share my thoughts about this product.

I got this baby boots lotion for N1200 at GLOBUS SUPERMARKET here in lagos with the daily hike in goods this days its probably more expensive now but I’m very sure you can find it anywhere as well even at your local shops/stores.
If you dont see it around your area,let me know so i can help you get it here and send it across to you

Boots baby lotion comes in a huge 500ml pink bottle.


1)I love that a little goes a long way

2)It has a really nice pleasant fragrance..the smell is heavenly..

3)Its non greasy and its easily absorbed

4)A bottle lasts me a while,amaka and agoziem has been using one bottle for 3months and its still remaining tho because of the hot weather we don’t apply/use it often

5)It can also be used as a makeup remover(haven’t tried it tho)

6)Doesnt dry out baby’s skin

I honestly can’t think of any cons

It is extremely affordable for any budget and a really good reliable baby lotion in my opinion.

I highly recommend it for every mum to give it a try as I think you will not be disappointed with this one.
For me, I will continue to buy it in the future as it suits my kids skin.
We would be using shea butter and coconut oil on our hair only.

Do you use boots baby lotion for your kids?

Have you tried using it as a makeup remover?

What was your experience with it?..

What lotion are you using on your kids skin?

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