Hey darlings,
How are we doing?
Cant believe i havent posted on the blog in over a month now.

I have being upto a lot of things. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or on FACEBOOK this wont be news to you.

I finally launched kudos healthy living,my online healthy store where i sell repackaged and affordable healthy products ie psylium husk,chia seeds,flax seed,coconut flour,almond flour,bulgur wheatmeal,stevia sweetner,zero noodles etc you name it and i will definitely get it.

The goal is to make healthy products affordable to all in this buhari economoy so you dont need to break the bank to live healthy.

I hope to make it a household name so that whenever you think about healthy products,you think about kudos healthy living.

So please support me,tell a friend or two.
Distributors needed.
For more info and price list call,sms,whatsapp: 07089491294

Secondly i finally started learning a skill i have always had huge passion for and i have always wanted to learn since my university days.
Will tell you guys all about it soon..

I encourage you if you have any skill you are passionate about,be like me,stop wishing and go for it.

So i have being super busy but in all i promise to try as much as possible to be more consistent with the blog.
Because i love writing and sharing.

About today’s post,i know we wish to be with our baby always but then mama gat to go back to work,hustle all for the good of the family and your baby gets to socialize too.

I finally registered my 10months old son in a daycare.
It took me weeks to look around and finally settle for one.

I want to share with you how to choose a good daycare and things to look out for.

Firstly there are 2 types of daycare
-The ones run by a school
-Home daycare, where people use there sitting room for daycare.
The choose is yours to make.


-Get recommendation from fellow mums around,check online or better still waka around by yourself like i did

-Drop by unexpectedly and spy to get a better view/picture of what goes down there

-How many kids per caregiver. If they have 15kids and 1 caregiver! Nne run!! How can 1 person effectively take care of 15kids?

-Take distance into consideration too. Would you like it to close to your workplace or your home!!

-Check how clean the environment is, if its well ventilated, child proofed and stocked with age appropriate books and toys

-Make sure you can communicate comfortably with the care giver because since your baby hasnt started talking yet,you will rely on your caregiver to tell you how his/her day was.

Finally trust your mummy instinct,if something doesnt seem right or if you arent comfortable with a particular place,its probably isnt the right place for your baby


Thanks for reading…
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