Hey darlings
How are we doing? April has been amazing. Counting down to the month of may, my son’s birth month.
Still cant believe he is going to be one year next week.. Am so grateful to God.

So last week saturday,i was at this business workshop organized by LEADING LADIES BUSINESS INSTITUTE.
Am glad i didnt miss that event.
I listened to great men and women dishing wisdom and advice on how to discover your passion, grow a successful business and go global with your brand

Steve harris was my favourite speaker,you know when you follow someone on social media and then have an opportunity to finally see and listen to them told live..
He shared the story of how his father will always say to them “dont you know you have to manage” whenever they ask for things.
And he grew up with that mentality
He got married and one day his wife asked him to take her to a 5star hotel and he didnt know when he used his father’s exact words.”dont you know we have to manage”.

Olori of katiewangcompany drove us hard by opening our eyes on possibilities of taking our business global.

Eniola martins was amazing
God bless mrs dotun the host

So here are a few things i learnt at that workshop

  • you cannot rise beyond the level of what you believe
  • your life experiences will create your believe system,Your believe system will determine your decisions,Your decison will determine your destiny
  • surround yourself with people who inspire and intimdate you
  • As an enterprenuer your primary job is marketing. (Marketing is an introduction of value)


  • what do people gain when they buy from you?
  • what do people loss if they dont buy from you. 

Illustration: i help X do Y so that Z.
X ie customerY ie problem
Z is outcome

  • The way you introduce your product and services should warrant “tell me more”.


  • What is your passion? you can discover your passion from either what you enjoy or whaf frustrates you.
  • what problem does it solve?
  • who has the problem? Everybody cannot be your customer.
  • where are they? They might on different social media platforms.
  • How will i find them?
  • how will they find me?


  • They dont need it now/yet
  • they dont trust you: focus on building their trust cos this is the only factor you can control
  • they cant afford it

And of course we had good unhealthy refreshment.

Steve Harris on the mic

Eniola martins on the mic

Olori ajayi on the mic

I also got myself this book by brian tracy!! 

Knowledge is power

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