Hey darlings
How are we doing? Hope our week is going well? Hope we are hitting our different goals?
So Last week tuesday was agoziem’s birthday.
First birthdays are always important.
you want to capture moments and create memories of the day because they grow so fast and one day you would look at those pictures and remember how little they used to be.
Yes, he is used to mummy taking 1000 pics of him but getting him to stay still in the presence of a stranger (the photographer) wasnt easy
Truth is it was hardwork.
I shared a short video clip from the photosession on my INSTAGRAM PAGE  , you would see me all over the place.

Am not a pro photographer,here are a few tips that works for me and i think would also help you get great pictures of your toddler

  • firstly feed them very well and let them take a nap before the photoshoot so that they dont get fussy
  • Give them something to sit: you can make it more enticing by getting a rocking chair
  • Give them something to hold or something small to eat: it could be his favourite toy.
    For us,it was the ballon as you can see in virtually as the photos. It saved the day and he cried when i tried to take it from him
  • Give them something to look at: i and my nanny stood behind the camera man, cheering him.
    You can also hang a fun picture to make them look at that direction
  • Let your elderly child join in: seeing his sister made him more relaxed

Above all make sure to get a good, playful, friendly photographer.
Some of them specialize in kids photography.

What trick works for you? Pls feel free to add to the list.

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