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Being a looonnng time, this was not the original plan for my blog but hey life happens
Being a wife, mom, enterprenuer and my fashion designing classes definitely not easy. At this point i need 36hrs in a day but i would still try to blog more often.
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So i posted this picture on social media and 80% was for the natural look while 20% loved my relaxed look.
I had a relaxer most of my life and Yes,i had lovely relaxed hair,i remember the day i sat on that barber chair, people were surprised that i was about to cut off all that hair.
But I have learned to love my curls and embrace my hair just the way it grows from my scalp.
Here are some reasons why I love my natural hair.

1)I love that I can still rock any hair style, my fro one day, straighten it the next, and then switch it up with a protective style. I can go several weeks without repeating the same hairstyle. From twist-outs, braids,weaves,wigs, updos,buns any style at all.

2)Most naturalistas don’t like shrinkage, but I love it. It always tickles me when people think that my hair is short, and once I pull it out their eyes get big!

3)Now that I am not paying for an expensive relaxer, I can save money. And i no longer need to visit the salon every 4weeks to relax my hair.
Yes,there are expensive products for natural hair, i’m not a products junkie i jst stick to basics and i do lots of DIY’s so i spend less money at the salon than I did while my hair was relaxed

4)I dreaded relaxer cos my hair would break so much.
I can say that when my hair was relaxed, it was not as healthy because of the chemicals in the relaxers as it is in its natural state. My hair was always brittle and breaking off while relaxed. Now that I am natural, I notice that my hair is much healthier and does not break off like it did when I had a relaxed hair.

5)When I was relaxed, I was so afraid of the rain, because it would fall flat and not look as sleek. Now that I’m natural, my hair loves water so I embrace the the volume that comes with moisture!

6)There are actually no bad hair day.
I love wearing my big curly fro. I love embracing my natural hair texture. The bigger, the better for me.

7)You are easy to spot in the crowd!

What do you love about being natural? How long have you been natural?

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